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The PJ Trend: From Sleepwear to Summer Streetwear

PJ The statement PJ is a fashion faux pas turned trend in 2016. In the spring, there were hints of pretty slip dresses and lace walking down the runways. Now, we are seeing full-on silk pajamas and robes. Wearing PJs in the daytime is no easy task though. The two-piece set may be designer, but it is all in the way you style yourself that separates those who just got out of bed versus those who properly personalize the trend. Accessories go a long way to make the outfit wearable throughout the day. Wear heels rather than flats, and jewelry to compliment your best features. Not as daring? Wear PJs as separates and that may help ease your way into confidently sporting this look. With fashion, expect the unexpected. Translation: save your mother’s clothing from way back when because most of it will come back in style.

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